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Why renewable solar energy companies in MD are cheap options
June 28, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Workers installing solar panels. Other renewable solar energy companies in Maryland simply can't compete with our service.

People often dismiss solar energy as an expensive alternative to traditional energy sources. However, this is categorically false. When using renewable solar energy companies in Maryland, solar energy is often a much more affordable energy solution than fossil fuels. If you’re unsure what makes solar energy solutions more cost-effective, you’re in luck. At Solaris Solar Solutions, we’re the leading solar service provider in the entire state of Maryland. We pride ourselves on transparency, and our expertise and knowledge are simply unmatched.

Here’s why solar energy is a cheaper energy solution:

Cheaper than conventional energy

When considering what makes renewable solar energy companies in Maryland such affordable options, it’s imperative to compare them to the primary competitors.

The prices for fossil fuels have risen consistently over the past 10 years. This trend doesn’t appear to be stopping or even slowing down any time soon. Conversely, solar energy has experienced a precipitous drop in cost over the last decade.

More importantly, while other renewable energy sources are readily available to capitalize on, solar energy is simply the most practical and convenient. Of all the options, it’s the most viable solution for most and requires considerably less maintenance and upkeep.

Even better, solar energy never depletes, and even on cloudy days, solar energy is readily at your disposal. After the initial cost of installation, your savings on utilities will quickly far outstrip this investment.

Ultimately, it’s a far cheaper and more efficient option in the long run. Plus, with Solaris, we guarantee to find solar solutions tailored perfectly to your needs and limitations.

Tax credits

Another essential factor that makes renewable solar energy companies in Maryland cheaper options are tax credits.

You’re able to deduct the amount you spend on solar panel installation directly from your tax bill. Even better, you also receive money for this investment. Energy companies are obligated to buy surplus energy from you, essentially meaning you’ll be selling energy back to the grid.

On top of the money you receive and the money you save in both taxes and monthly energy expenses, solar panels will be a major source of passive income. There’s truly no cheaper energy solution, especially in the long run.

Resale value

One crucial thing that makes using renewable solar energy companies in Maryland so much cheaper is that it’s a long-term investment that pays dividends. Having pre-installed solar panels on a building will be an attractive selling point, and it even helps your property sell faster.

There are a few major appeals that increase resale value. Firstly, when your home has solar panels, it feels significantly more modern and state of the art. Prospective buyers will recognize this and be willing to spend far more than they would have otherwise.

Secondly, buyers understand how much they will save on energy expenses. Even better, when systems are already installed, buyers don’t have to incur the price of installation. They just have to reap the rewards. This dramatically increases resale value.

Ultimately, unlike traditional energy sources, solar energy pays for itself and then some. At Solaris, we guarantee to help you find the perfect, custom sustainable energy solution.

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