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Why Maryland homeowners are investing in solar electricity
December 28, 2020 at 8:00 AM
home in Maryland with solar electricity panels on the roof

Many people understand that going solar is a generally smart move when it comes to their home or business, but what exactly makes it a good idea?

If you’re unsure, or if you’re debating whether or not to outfit your property with solar panels, keep reading. Here’s why savvy Maryland homeowners are investing in solar electricity — and why you should too.

1. Cut back on your energy bill — or get rid of the costs completely

The cost of electricity can quickly eat up your monthly budget, especially in the summer and winter as your home works overtime to regulate its internal temperature.

But when you install a solar electricity system in your home, you’re guaranteed free power for the lifetime of your system. The amount of energy your solar panels generate can cover the cost of your energy bill — and in some cases, you may find that the electricity company will pay you for any solar electricity you don’t use.

2. Increase your home’s property value

Studies have found that investing in a solar system for your home can increase its value, and can even help your home sell faster than one without solar panels — which is especially attractive if you plan on selling your house in the future.

In fact, the value solar panels bring your home make it a better investment than, say, traditional renovation or remodeling projects. Solar energy is in, and homebuyer habits (and prices) are changing to reflect this.

3. Create more jobs in your community

The manufacturing and installation of solar panels create much-needed jobs for the local and national economy — a fact that is expected to increase over time.

Government organizations, companies, and homeowners alike are all looking for ways to reduce their carbon imprint, making renewable energy sources like solar a hot new industry to look out for.

4. Protect the planet

Because solar energy is a renewable source of energy, it’s another way that forward-thinking homeowners can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment.

Compared to the traditional process of energy production, which uses fossil fuels, solar electricity does not put an additional strain on our world’s already-limited sources of natural gas and coal.

Solar energy is also a self-sustaining resource, meaning that it will continue to produce energy without additional assistance from outside sources. Aside from your system’s maintenance, you won’t have to worry about upkeep requirements for your new solar system.

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