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What to expect from Solaris' solar panels in Maryland
May 25, 2021 at 7:00 AM
A beautiful home with a pool and solar panels. Solar panels in Maryland will save you money, enabling you to make dream additions to your property.

Every day, the earth atrophies a little more. Eventually, things will be irreversible. That’s why solar panels in Maryland are so vital. They’re the best way to renew our planet. While they can be an expensive investment and are commonly considered unfeasible, solar panels pay for themselves. With Solaris Solar Solutions, we guarantee an honest assessment of the viability of solar panels as an energy source and have been proudly servicing Maryland for years.

Here’s what to expect from Solaris Solar Solutions:

1. A return on investment

Particularly when considering residential solar panels in Maryland, you can expect a significant increase in home value.

Solar panels increase your home’s resale value by an estimated 3.5%. It’s also proven homebuyers regularly pay more for homes equipped with solar panels. The value your solar panels add undoubtedly outstrips the installation price.

Even better, when you’re selling your home, solar panels will expedite the sale. On average, homes sell 20% faster when they have solar panel systems. In the first year, you’ll realize an approximate 7% return in energy savings alone.

Solar panels save more than the planet. They save money, too. With Solaris Solar Solutions, we guarantee high-quality systems that will earn you a significant ROI.

2. Tax breaks and incentives

When considering the major benefits of installing solar panels in Maryland, the tax breaks and incentives rank among the most attractive. They enable you to recoup a significant percentage of your investment in a relatively short period of time.

Solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) are hugely beneficial. Many states require companies to procure a set portion of energy from renewable sources like home solar systems. This enables you to sell SRECs back to the grid.

Net metering is another crucial benefit. When you generate a surplus of electricity with solar panels, it’s sent back to the grid. Electrical companies will then be obligated to buy this energy from you.

These two incentives are just scratching the surface. There are multitudes of tax breaks and cash incentives that make buying solar panels a profitable enterprise and a significant inflow of passive income. Other key incentives and tax breaks include:

  • State Tax Credits
  • Performance-Based Incentives (PBIs)
  • Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
  • Tax exemptions

Ultimately, solar panels are a legitimate moneymaker any household or business would benefit from. With Solaris Solar Solutions, you get tax breaks while breaking a toxic energy cycle.

3. Being part of the change

The primary objective of installing solar panels in Maryland is to enact meaningful change. This is your opportunity to be part of the solution.

With solar panels, you’ll feel a renewed sense of purpose and accomplishment. You’ll feel proud. Solar energy is clean, emissions-free, and renewable. It’s available every day in infinite supply.

By reducing your carbon footprint, you’re doing your part and setting an example. They can even help preserve thousands of gallons of water. It’s reported the solar energy has nullified 37 million metric tons of carbon emissions. This is analogous to planting 956 million trees.

With Solaris’s solar panels, expect to immediately help the environment, be a part of the change, and preserve the future of our planet.

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If you’re considering solar panels in Maryland, Solaris Solar Solutions is your premier solution. Affiliated with the best installers, we only use premium materials. Unlike competitors, we offer an honest assessment of whether or not your home or business is a good fit for solar panels. We don’t just supply you with solar panels. We supply you with superpowers. By using solar energy, you’re literally saving the world. Schedule a free consultation now!