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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Clean Power in Maryland
April 23, 2021 at 11:00 PM
House using clean power in Maryland.

As the climate crisis continues, it’s becoming clearer that each household can play a part in preserving our planet. For every home that cuts its carbon footprint, the impact of climate change is lessened. And the remedying effect is much more pronounced if more households join the cause.

You might be wondering what part you can play in the preservation of our planet. Energy experts, including the ones here at Solaris Solar Solutions, can tell you that nothing’s more effective than adopting greener sources of power.

Keep reading to learn more about switching to clean power in Maryland and how doing so helps you make a positive impact.

How solar energy cuts your carbon footprint

Not all the energy arriving at your home through the public grid has been generated from renewable resources. In fact, there are overwhelming odds that most of it wasn’t. For the amount that may be coming from renewable resources, processes involved in its refinement and transfer can offset some of the sustainability through carbon emissions.

By installing solar panels, you’ll ensure that the energy comes straight from a source you know is renewable: the sun. Even better, you’ll also know that no environmentally harmful processes are involved in its transfer.

With a solar system, you can reduce your home’s carbon emissions by anywhere from 1.3 to 1.6 tonnes, depending on your energy usage.

Why solar energy is a viable form of clean power

Solar energy is the most viable form of clean power because of how much it cuts your emissions, as specified above. Plus, with a storage system, the energy your panels generate is stored so you always have power.

It’s common for households using clean power in Maryland to have more energy than they need at the end of each month. In such a case, your system sends some of the excess power you generate back to the grid at your local utility company.

When that happens, your investment in solar can lead to use of clean power that extends further than your home. And this means you play a much bigger role in cutting down the energy-related carbon emissions going into the atmosphere.

This process, known as net metering, is even more common in Maryland. And that’s a result of our 202-plus sunny days a year combined with high-capacity batteries.

There’s also the added benefit that your local utility company credits you at full retail value for the energy you send them.

Other advantages of switching to clean power in Maryland

Doing your part to save the environment is noble, but there are benefits other than knowing you’re being a positive force for conserving our world.

Both the Maryland state government and the federal government have created incentives to encourage homeowners to install solar systems.

Some examples are:

  • Maryland energy storage tax credit
  • Residential clean energy rebate program
  • Federal tax credit for residential solar PV

And while your home’s value is going to increase after you install a solar system, you’re exempt from any taxes resulting from the boost.

With all these incentives, solar energy doesn’t just help you play a part in conserving the world. There are also great benefits you can enjoy after switching to clean power in Maryland.

Contribute to sustainable energy use with Solaris Solar Solutions

Solaris Solar Solutions is a leading solar system provider in Maryland, and we’d be pleased to help you take the single most effective step for cutting your carbon footprint. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our solar experts.