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Professional Solar Panel Installation From Solaris Solar Solutions
May 11, 2020 at 12:00 AM
by Solaris Solar Solutions LLC
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The shift to solar energy is happening across America, with more homes and businesses choosing to install solar panels and benefit from the cost savings and eco-advantages of renewable energy. In 2019, the US installed 13.3 gigawatts of solar PV capacity, including a record-breaking 2.9 GW for residential properties!

In Maryland, we see a lot of sunshine, which is one of the reasons our state is one of the national leaders when it comes to installed solar capacity. We’ve quadrupled our solar energy capacity from 2015 to 2019, and there are a number of state grants available to encourage even greater solar adoption across Maryland. In fact, last year, Governor Larry Hogan proposed the Clean and Renewable Energy Standard, putting Maryland on a path to 100 percent clean electricity by 2040!

Solaris Solar Solutions is here to help homeowners and business owners in the state benefit from reliable and high-quality solar panel installation. Based in Millersville, we serve the entire state of Maryland. If you’re considering solar, we’d be more than happy to come out to your property for an assessment and to talk to you about your options.

We know you’ll be happy with the results.

How We Can Help You on Your Journey to Solar

Shifting some or all of your energy usage to solar is a process. It starts with understanding what you want from your solar system. Whether you want to switch to 100 percent solar energy to completely transform your household’s energy usage or are more interested in a more modest solar panel installation, our expert team will ensure the process goes smoothly and you get the best possible value.

You also need to have qualified local installers. And, it’s important to ensure you’re using top-quality solar panels from the outset. Instead of having to sift through dozens of local installers, we’ll streamline the process for you by sourcing the best installers from our network. We can also talk to you about what our solar systems offer and the warranties they come with. This way, you can have total confidence in a quality installation.

From consultation to giving you a variety of financing options and walking you through every stage of the process, we know how to make solar panel installation a 100-percent positive experience for Maryland homeowners.

The Benefits of Solar Installation in Maryland

When you work with Solaris Solar Solutions, you can count on incredible longevity. Your system is warrantied and built to last for decades.

You’ll also benefit financially. First, we offer fantastic financing options that make solar panel installation affordable. You’ll save money on your energy bills because you’re using clean power that doesn’t require the burning of fossil fuels. There are also tax credits and incentives.

At the federal level, solar systems qualify for a 26 percent solar investment tax credit. The State of Maryland offers special incentives for homeowners, making installation even more budget-friendly.

And, of course, you’ll reduce your overall carbon footprint tremendously. With a solar system, you’re not polluting the air or contributing to greenhouse gases. Instead, you’re taking part in a powerful solution to one of the world’s most pressing problems — finding a way to live in harmony with the environment so we can preserve it for the generations to come.

We know how important it is to start with quality products and expert installation to help you achieve your personal goals with solar. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.