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How home solar solutions can benefit you
February 21, 2022 at 7:00 AM
How home solar solutions can benefit you

Making the switch to solar power for your home is a big decision, so our team at Solar-Verse understands if you’re hesitant. However, home solar solutions are more accessible now than they’ve ever been before. Here are a number of benefits and incentives to help make the switch simple. If you’re still on the fence, read our short guide below that highlights some of the benefits you’ll see with solar power for your home.

Allows you to control your electricity

Rising energy costs can feel overwhelming and excessive. While many of us feel like we might be able to go without electricity in some aspects of our lives, we don’t realize how reliant on it we’ve become until the power is out.

With solar energy, you can take back control of your electricity. You’re no longer beholden to the power company’s energy consumption recommendations. You have control of your electricity and don’t have to pay premiums during peak hours.

Reduces your carbon emissions

It’s not uncommon for power plants to burn coal, build damns, or disturb ecosystems to produce electricity. Solar energy is currently the cleanest and most sustainable way to produce energy. You can reduce your carbon footprint significantly by switching your home’s electricity to solar.

While you might be worried about the capacity your solar panels have to produce enough energy to power your home, solar panels have gotten to be incredibly efficient. The average home requires about 30 panels to produce enough electricity to be completely independent. Though this feels like a considerable amount, each panel is about 65 inches by 39 inches, so it won’t take up too much space on your roof.

Improves your home’s value

Think of installing solar panels as a home improvement project, and the goal of every project is to increase the value of your home. Everything from building a deck in your backyard to updating your kitchen to installing solar panels will provide a benefit that appeals to future home buyers. Solar panels have been shown to increase your home’s value by about 4% on average, which means that you could get an extra $24,000 for your home if it’s valued at $600,000. That amount in and of itself could pay for your solar panels and installation costs.

Tax breaks and rebates

Over the last several years, the government has provided tax credits as an incentive to install solar panels. The current tax credit allows homeowners to deduct 26% of the cost associated with installations completed in 2022. This will drop to 22% for 2023, then they will not be offered for installations in 2024 and beyond unless it’s extended by congress or a new bill is passed. In addition to getting some help on your taxes, you can ask your technicians about potential manufacturer rebates and other tax incentives.

Reduces your energy bill

Depending on how much energy you use each month, you could be paying a fortune. Not every home has large windows that allow you to open the drapes and turn off the lights during the day. What’s more, you have appliances like your refrigerator and freezer that are always running. Home solar solutions go a long way toward reducing your energy bill. You’re no longer reliant on rising energy costs to cool your home in the summer or keep it lit in the evening.

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