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Do Solar Panels Work During a Power Outage?
March 23, 2023 at 4:00 AM
Definitely couldn’t sleep last night when the storm started, lighting up the sky several time per second with crude light.
I couldn’t miss that chance to get some nice lightning pictures, so I set up the camera and there it is!

As solar panel technology becomes both more commonplace and affordable, an increasing number of homeowners continue to adopt this growing technology to power their properties. However, despite the growing prevalence of this green technology, many people still have valid questions about making the switch.

One of the more common ones we hear is, “do solar panels work during a power outage?” It’s a fair question, and unfortunately, we don’t have a single answer to it. However, this guide aims to clear up any lingering confusion you may still have.

Why do power outages occur?

There are any number of reasons why a power outage can happen in your area. One of the more common ones across the country is inclement weather. Strong gusts of wind, snow and ice, or thunderstorms can cause power lines to become damaged and cut out the power to your home. The municipality can also shut it down manually. This occurs when the demand gets too high or if they need to perform maintenance on the system. By shutting down the grid, they protect their workers from getting harmed.

Do solar panels work during a power outage?

If your home has solar panels that generate power for the property, they won’t suddenly shut down if a power outage occurs. They still continue to collect sunlight when they can and generate electricity. However, the outage will likely affect your home if it’s connected to the municipal grid.

Many homes powered by solar panels are still connected to the municipal grid. This happens so your home will still have power if the solar panels don’t generate enough electricity. It’s also necessary for net metering. Net metering is the system that allows you to earn credits on your utility bill by generating more energy than you use in a given month. Any excess you have is redistributed back to the shared grid, and that means your home needs to be connected.

In that instance, your home will still lose power during an outage. However, that doesn’t mean the answer to the question, “do solar panels work during a power outage,” is necessarily a hard no.

How do solar panels work during a power outage?

There are solar systems that function perfectly fine during a power outage. All you need is a storage battery for it. You can purchase a generic one or have one custom designed for your home’s specific needs. Regardless of which type you purchase as an add-on, a storage battery will keep your solar energy system working even during a power outage.

The system can funnel any excess energy your system creates into the storage battery until it's full. That way, if a power outage occurs, you still have built-in energy ready to power your house until everything comes back online. Essentially, it acts like a gas-powered generator that kicks in when the power goes out.

However, unlike a generator, your solar energy storage battery continues to operate on clean energy. Plus, you won’t need any expensive or environment-damaging fossil fuels to keep the power on when the grid shuts off.

Are you considering switching your home to solar?

If you have any other questions besides, “do solar panels work during a power outage,” then the team here at Solar-Verse is here to help. We’re affiliated with the best local installers and provide the highest quality products and professional installations to meet your solar needs. Whether it’s for your home or business, we have the knowledge and commitment to help you fully understand what you can expect from going green.

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