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How to choose the right solar installers in Maryland for you
March 8, 2022 at 8:00 AM
A group of people installing a panel.

Choosing to go solar is a step toward a brighter future for your finances and the world at large. However, selecting the right solar installers in Maryland is difficult. Understanding what to look for and ask requires considerable experience. Luckily, at Solar-Verse, we are an unrivaled solar installation service that always tailors our solar solutions to each client’s budgets, needs, and goals.

Here’s how to pick the best installers:


When picking solar installers in Maryland, ensuring they offer warranties is essential for your peace of mind.

Firstly, a workmanship warranty covers the work the installer performs. For example, if a panel comes loose because of improper installation, this warranty covers repairs and possibly replacement.

However, there are several warranties associated with solar energy systems, including manufacturer warranties, and these warranties are all imperative to enquire about. Ask for specific policy details.

More specifically, ask about the precise protocol and cost you can expect when they come to check or replace equipment. Never settle for anything less than warranties covering workmanship, components, labor and replacement cost of failing components, and power output. A good installer offers a 5 to 10-year warranty.

If finding an installer with the premier warranties is a priority, you’re in luck. At Solar-Verse, we’re the premier installer. Our warranties and policies exceed the industry standard.

Credentials and insurance

When choosing solar installers in Maryland, ensure they have the necessary licenses and insurance, too.

Firstly, ensure they have the required business licenses and insurance, and ensure they have a general electrical contractor’s license because they will be working with the wiring and electrical aspects of your system. Other licenses they should have include:

  • A general contracting license.
  • An electrician’s license.
  • A home improvement license.
  • A home performance contracting license.

Just as importantly, ensure they have general liability insurance and are OSHA certified. However, simply asking isn’t enough. Ask for verification, and if they are unwilling to verify, this is a major red flag.

Ask if they are NABCEP board certified. An NABCEP certification is optional, but it is a good indicator of supremely qualified services. This certification is the highest recognition of quality assurance in the solar industry, and you should not settle for anything less.

Verifying companies are adequately insured, licensed, and qualified is daunting. Luckily, with Solar-Verse, that’s never a question. As the leading solar installers, we are all three.

Experience and reputation

When deciding on solar installers in Maryland, their expertise, experience, and reputation are also essential.

Solar power is a booming industry that has attracted many professionals from diverse backgrounds. However, it is essential to find an installer with ample experience and a consistent history and track record. Ensure you examine more than just their installation experience.

Investigating post-installation services is critical. Moreover, evaluating their reputation by speaking with customers is essential, too. Request references and read reviews online. Ask specific questions relevant to you when talking to past customers, and be vigilant for patterns of complaints.

More importantly, ensure they have experience working on the type of project you present to them. Look for installers with expertise in customizing solar arrays, and seek installers who work with you to understand your unique needs, expectations, and goals.

Also, asking friends, family, and neighbors about personal experiences is a great way to get a trusted opinion.

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If you are looking for solar installers in Maryland, look no further than Solar-Verse. As the most qualified, insured, and licensed installers, we eliminate the guesswork and difficulty from the decision-making process. We have the knowledge and expertise to tailor your system to your budget, needs, and preferences. Schedule a free consultation now! We deliver sustainable satisfaction through sustainable energy solutions.