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4 ways you can save money with affordable solar panels in Maryland
October 27, 2020 at 7:00 AM
5 ways you can save money with affordable solar panels in Maryland

As a homeowner, one of your biggest ongoing expenses will be energy costs. With solar energy, you can significantly reduce your monthly energy bills and enjoy a number of other savings. At Solaris Solar Solutions, we specialize in installing affordable solar panels in Maryland. We’re sharing the top 5 ways that local residents can save money by going solar.

1. Cuts your monthly electricity bills

When you opt for solar panels, this means you are no longer relying solely on a public utility company to get your electricity. Instead, your home’s electricity comes from solar-generated energy. Since energy from the sun is a free renewable source, this means you can say goodbye to the majority of your monthly electricity bills.

2. Tax credits and grant programs

The shift to clean energy is an environmentally friendly choice, which is why many state governments offer an incentive program. In other words, you can claim valuable tax credits and other benefits if you decide to go solar.

When installing solar panels in the state of Maryland, homeowners can receive $1,000 through the state’s Clean Energy Rebate Program. Those who go solar in Maryland also do not have to pay any extra taxes on the increased value of their home, and they do not have to pay taxes on the purchase of a new solar energy system. The federal government also offers a major tax credit for homeowners who install a new solar panel system.

3. Energy credits from utility companies

Installing solar panels can reduce your electricity bills to nothing and in some cases the utility company will pay you. Here’s how it works: if your solar panels generate more energy than your home consumes, then you will receive a credit from the utility company. If you have produced more energy then you consumed over a whole year the utility company will pay you the retail cost for the excess energy you created with your solar panels. When is the last time your utility company paid you?

4. Affordably charge your electric car

In addition to shifting to solar energy, many people are also choosing to purchase electric vehicles. For those with at-home charging stations, any electricity used to charge the car is drawn through the public grid. This can be costly over time, even if you’re saving money from not having to use gasoline to fuel your car.

That’s why connecting your at-home charging station with your solar panel system is an ideal choice. Solar-powered charging ports provide a perfect solution for those who want to maximize the cost-cutting benefits of having an electric vehicle.

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